Multimedia Data Engineering Laboratory

Retrieval of Impressive Scenes in Lifelog Videos

This research focuses on the retrieval of lifelog data recorded in order to one's entire life as various types of data such as texts, images, and videos.

We mainly deal with the retrieval of impressive scenes from lifelog videos. The retrieval approach is based on the facial expression recognition since a certain emotion is aroused in the impressive scene and most of the emotions can be reflected in the facial expressions.

The facial expression is recognized by using the facial features obtained from the positional relationships between the salient points on some facial parts such as eyes, eyebrows, and a mouth. The impressive (emotional) scenes are detected from the results of the facial expression recognition for the frame images in a video.

  1. Construction of accurate and efficient retrieval algorithm
  2. Developing efficient machine learning frameworks for the facial expression recognition
  3. Creation of facial features effective for the discrimination of various facial expressions
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