Submission Guidelines

Submission to Regular Sessions

Submit the papers for Regular Sessions through the submission page in ACIS Conference Web Page.
DO NOT submit the papers for Workshops / Special Sessions through the page described above.

Submission to Workshops / Special Sessions

Submit the papers for Workshops / Special Sessions to the organizer(s) of Workshops / Special Sessions.
Please contact to the organizers.
Please follow "Workshops / Special Sessions" page.
Workshops / Special Sessions accepted are as follows:


  1. First International Workshop on Data Mining for Info-Communication Service and its Diffusion
  2. First International Workshop on Learning Technologies in and for a Sustainable Society
  3. First International Workshop on Practical and Theoretical Optimization for real systems in Information Science

Special Sessions

  1. Human symbiotic systems
  2. Technology Acceptance and Online Behavior
  3. The Art of Humanities Computing
  4. Multi-Agent Technology, Platforms and Systems
  5. Experiences of Software Engineering
  6. Intelligent Software: Theory and Application
  7. Multimedia and Kansei Engineering
  8. Methods of Intelligent Information Processing (MIIP)
  9. Software Estimation
  10. Innovative switch architectures for future networks
  11. Ubiquitous Commerce: Theoretical & Application Perspectives
  12. Data Driven Models In Machine Learning
  13. Future Internet Architectures and Experimental Facilities
  14. Data Intelligence
  15. Applications of Parallel and Distributed Processing
  16. Theoretical Developments and Special Topics of Machine Learning